Friday, June 21, 2019

It's Time For SPFPA VP Rick O'Quinn to Tell The Truth about His Wife's Ownership of Patronus Systems Inc

It's Time For SPFPA VP Rick O'Quinn to Tell The Truth about His Wife's Ownership of Patronus Systems Inc.

On February 12, 2010 SPFPA Vice President Rick O'Quinn's wife Mabel O'Quinn went into the security industry to provide security guard services on federal buildings which SPFPA Vice President Rick O'Quinn clearly was elected to represent, when it registered Patronus Systems, Inc. See the documents below.

See the Official Mabel O’Quinn Patronus Systems Inc Incorporation documents here.

SPFPA also just intervened on an election involving PARAGON SYSTEMS INC/PATRONUS SYSTEMS INC in Kentucky Case Number: 09-RC-243304This is truly a conflict of interest if NOT CRIMINAL.

Report of Officers and Employees of Labor Organizations (29 U.S.C. 432)
SEC. 202. (a) Every officer of a labor organization and every employee of a labor organization (other than an employee performing exclusively clerical or custodial services) shall file with the Secretary a signed report listing and describing for his preceding fiscal year-
(1) any stock, bond, security, or other interest, legal or equitable, which he or his spouse or minor child directly or indirectly held in, and any income or any other benefit with monetary value (including reimbursed expenses) which he or his spouse or minor child derived directly or indirectly from, an employer whose employees such labor organization represents or is actively seeking to represent, except payments and other benefits received as a bona fide employee of such employer.


SPFPA President David L. Hickey has FAILED to report both Patronus Systems Inc and Patronus Systems Partners LLC on its LM-30 forms prior to 3/27/19? As required by law the SPFPA is supposed to file a LM-30 form each year based on the Conflict of Interest.

Also WHY hasn't  SPFPA President removed SPFPA VP Rick O'Quinn from the SPFPA International Executive Board knowing this Conflict of Interest relationship exists? It should also be noted that O'Quinn is also the Senior Adviser to Hickey. - The question we wonder is, whether or not Hickey is a Secret Partner in any of these two organizations Patronus Systems Inc and Patronus Systems Partners LLC ? 

  • If so how much money has Hickey received from either Patronus Systems Inc and/or Patronus Systems Partners LLC ? 
  • Certainly SPFPA Vice President Rick O'Quinn is enjoying the income from his wife's two security companies Patronus Systems Inc and Patronus Systems Partners LLC. But is Hickey?

BLOGGERS CORRECTION NOTE: When we published this original story we were under the impression SPFPA was required to to file the SPFPA Patronus System relationship on SPFPA's LM-2 reports. After further research this information was incorrect. The required forms they were required to report on were LM-30 and not LM-2. We apologize for the misrepresentation. After searching SPFPA's LM-30 reports we have found they did file five reports with the Department of Labor.The first being recorded on March 27, 2019 and then again on April 10, 2019. See enclosed reports below. 

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