Tuesday, April 16, 2019

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SPFPA (LOSES AGAIN) in an Embarrassing Loss (72 to 6) This Time at Thomas Jefferson 

University in Philly

SPFPA (FAILURE) - 14 Pennsylvania Universities Decertify the Corrupt SPFPA 


SPFPA (Silence of The Lambs) The Corrupt SPFPA Union / Hickey You Won't Silence Us


Meet SPFPA President Hickey aka DAVE ("THE CLOWN") DEVIN / magician

SPFPA Pres HICKEY You are Obsessed & We Are (LAUGHING at YOU)

SPFPA has a Long History of Corruption & Embezzlement under the leadership of David L. Hickey

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SPFPA Continues to LOSE Elections & Members HickeyMustGo.Org - Say NO to SPFPA Corruption

The Corrupt SPFPA Union Just Lost this Garda Election in Reading PA by a Score of 29 to 4 in another Embarrassing Loss o...

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