Wednesday, May 1, 2019

SPFPA CORRUPTION: Why is So Many SPFPA Units Leaving The Corrupt SPFPA Union?

SPFPA CORRUPTION: Why is So Many SPFPA Units Leaving The Corrupt SPFPA Union?

Here is a another unit that just recently left the Corrupt SPFPA Union. It should be noted the Corrupt SPFPA Union disclaimed interest in this Hana Industries group @ Quantico - Russell Knox Building after a rival union filed a petition to represent these security officers.

Hana Industries, Inc.

Case Number: 05-RC-239159
Location: Quantico, VA
Date Filed: 04/07/2019
Region Assigned: Region 05, Baltimore, Maryland
Status: Open
No. of Employees: 55

Another SPFPA unit is also looking to leave the Corrupt SPFPA Union. This time @ several federal buildings in Philadelphia.

Triple Canopy

Case Number: 04-RC-240121
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Date Filed: 04/23/2019
Region Assigned: Region 04, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Status: Open
No. of Employees: 37


Garda CL West, Inc.

Case Number: 31-RD-240866
Location: Fontana, CA
Date Filed: 05/06/2019
Region Assigned: Region 31, Los Angeles, California 
Status: Open
No. of Employees: 48

According to the NLRB website SPFPA Disclaimed interest in this group rather
than face another election loss.



SPFPA Members File 7 Separate Federal Charges Against the SPFPA Union for Duty of Fair Representation, Union Dues (including excessive fees), Statements & Violence.

SPFPA Has a Long History of Corruption & Embezzlement Under SPFPA President David L. Hickey

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