Wednesday, May 15, 2019

SPFPA Union Loses Another Election This Time at The Federal Communications Commission FCC in DC

The Omniplex security officers @ the Federal Communications Commission FCC in Washington DC voted to decertify the International Union, Security Police & Fire Professionals of America SPFPA who has a long history of Corruption and Embezzlement under SPFPA President David L. Hickey.

These Omniplex security officers voted to be represented by the Governed United Security Professionals GUSPU headed by Kent Emery.

The Corrupt SPFPA Union continues to lose elections. Most recently the SPFPA Union disclaimed interest @ Hanna Industries in Quntico VA after a rival union filed a petition to represent these officers and prior to that SPFPA union lost @ Thomas Jefferson University in an embarrassing loss to the Law Enforcement Officers Association.

SPFPA is now facing a UD election at Ginna Nuclear Case Number: 03-UD-239943 and after a RD deuthorization election was filed at Garda CL West in Case Number: 31-RD-240866 the SPFPA decided to DISCLAIM interest in this group like in the Hanna industries Quntico case rather then face an election. 

The Governed United Security Professionals GUSPU has also just filed an election on 5/21/19
AGAINST SPFPA to represent the 34 security officers and sergeants working for TierTech Case No05-RC-241822.

SPFPA Has a Long History of Corruption & Embezzlement Under SPFPA President David L. Hickey.

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